Episode 6 of the Influencer Marketing Lab podcast where I speak with Dudley Nevill-Spencer of Virtual Influencer Agency about virtual influencers and authenticity.


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Show notes

Welcome to episode 6 of the Influencer Marketing Lab - a weekly podcast tracking the growth spurts and growing pains of influencer marketing.

This week I'm in conversation with Dudley Nevill-Spencer, strategy and insights director at Live and Breathe a full-service creative agency and founder of the Virtual Influencer Agency.

In our interview we cover:

For a full breakdown of discussion points turn to the episode's chapter markers.

  • The essence of a virtual influencer and why that essence is function dependent.
  •  The metaverse - where the real world and the virtual world mix and inhabiting that world will be virtual characters.
  • The different types of virtual influencer - brand owned, brand agnostic and customer services representative.
  • Japan's 7,000+ virtual influencers on YouTube.
  • The recipe for creating an effective virtual influencer.
  • Whether virtual influencers can ever be authentic.
  • The difference between blind trust and trustworthiness.

Dudley Nevill-Spencer background

Dudley Nevill-Spencer is strategy and insights director at Live and Breathe  a full-service creative agency headquartered in London.

Dudley is also founder of the Virtual Influencer Agency  where he consults with brands to create and market Virtual Influencers and integrate them into brand campaigns. 

He develops the CGI character, the history and background, personality and story arc, and integrates brands' products into to the V.Is life cycle.

Dudley was also a generous interviewee for a chapter I've written on virtual influencers titled: Virtual Influencers: more human than humans.

The book 'Influencer Marketing: Building Brand Communities and Engagement' is due to be published in December by Routledge.

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