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Influencer marketing
Independent advice and action
for brands, agencies and platforms working in influencer marketing


Personal influence
Empowering subject matter experts with personal influence


Content strategy
Placing content at the heart of digital strategy to drive

awareness, engagement and sales

Thought leadership
Industry insight and commentary as
featured in publications including

Guthrie, S. 2016. Seizing influencer relations' opportunities. In: Hall, S. ed. #FuturePRoof: Edition Two. Blurb & Kindle, pp. 183-191
PRstack cover: making sense of the PR tool market

Influencer marketing articles

Strategic value of PR showcased in new #PRPays campaign
UK’s largest PR industry body launches #PRPays campaign showcasing strategic value of public relations with Heathrow Airport CEO interview. Today[...]
London Fashion Week influencer marketing: getting it right
London Fashion Week influencer marketing. How can fashion brands maximise their impact via influencer marketing? More...London Fashion Week starts tomorrow[...]
Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson scolded by advertising watchdog … again
Latest watchdog ruling against Instagram influencer Louise Thompson underscores importance for brands to deliver best practice throughout the entire influencer[...]
How CGI influencers act as change catalysts
CGI influencers like Lil Miquela act as change catalysts bringing fresh pairs of eyes to jolt us out of our[...]
Is effective disclosure killing influencer marketing?
Falling engagement rates hint that disclosure is killing influencer marketing but figures mask best practice results pointing, instead, to poor[...]
Listerine influencer marketing debacle: Who’s really at fault?
Listerine influencer marketing debacle: why the brand should be shouldering much of the blame. Last week Scarlett Dixon (aka Scarlett London) posted[...]

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