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Influencer marketing
Independent advice and action
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Personal influence
Empowering subject matter experts with personal influence


Content strategy
Placing content at the heart of digital strategy to drive

awareness, engagement and sales

Thought leadership
Industry insight and commentary as
featured in publications including

Guthrie, S. 2016. Seizing influencer relations' opportunities. In: Hall, S. ed. #FuturePRoof: Edition Two. Blurb & Kindle, pp. 183-191
PRstack cover: making sense of the PR tool market

Influencer marketing articles

Beat influencer fraud with better measurement
Influencer fraud is good for the industry. It pushes the discipline forward away from measuring vanity metrics toward measuring impact.[...]
Influencer outreach budgets drop 12% says PRCA report
Influencer outreach budgets drop 12% according to a new report. Communicators need to get better at measuring and evaluating influencer[...]
Influencer sued for breach of contract
Influencer sued for breach of contract: Luka Sabbat is being sued for failing to comply with an influencer agreement.  So,[...]
RESET: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money – a book review
25% of us hates our job - the remainder is not fully engaged. A new book aims to redress the[...]
Influencer fraud? Legacy media has always gamed audience size
Before we get too squeamish about the size of influencer fraud let's take a look at how legacy media has[...]
New report: influencer marketing knowledge gap widening
Influencer marketing knowledge gap widening according to ‘2018 State of Influence 2.0’ - the annual Traackr and Altimeter survey. More...Influencer[...]

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