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Scott Guthrie sabguthrie is a member of the public relations & communications association
Guthrie, S. 2016. Seizing influencer relations' opportunities. In: Hall, S. ed. #FuturePRoof: Edition Two. Blurb & Kindle, pp. 183-191

Influencer marketing articles

Top YouTubers target kids with online gaming site promo
Top YouTubers with core audiences of 8-16 years old are running paid-for content for MysteryBrand - an online gambling site.[...]
Instagram creator accounts: what’s their real purpose?
Instagram creator accounts are being trialled by the influencer marketing powerhouse platform. But are they designed to enhance community or[...]
Tone-deaf keyword squatting by Instagram influencers
Avoid keyword squatting Instagram influencers. There is no point bringing your authentic 'whole-self' to work if your whole self is[...]
The dangers of blacklisting influencers
Blacklisting influencers provides a binary outcome to a highly nuanced issue. It would create unfair winners and losers. “Imagine taking[...]
Crowdsourced PR book celebrates CIPR at 70
Platinum is a new book from the CIPR showcasing excellence in public relations and celebrating the institute’s first 70 years.[...]
Beat influencer fraud with better measurement
Influencer fraud is good for the industry. It pushes the discipline forward away from measuring vanity metrics toward measuring impact.[...]

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