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Scott Guthrie sabguthrie is a member of the public relations & communications association
Guthrie, S. 2016. Seizing influencer relations' opportunities. In: Hall, S. ed. #FuturePRoof: Edition Two. Blurb & Kindle, pp. 183-191

Influencer marketing articles

Tribe founder talks funding, US expansion and that Keith Weed investment
Jules Lund, the founder of Tribe a self-serve influencer marketing marketplace talks about his company’s $7.5m new funding, US expansion[...]
Influencer Marketing: More Farrow & Ball than Model T Ford
As a descriptor the word 'influencer' fails to capture the nuances of a wide, and growing, category. By 1918, half[...]
UK influencer marketing watchdog seeks to clarify position
UK influencer marketing watchdog underscores importance of making it clear when influencers have been paid or incentivised to post online.[...]
Marques Brownlee helps with Samsung Galaxy Fold crisis communications
Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee shows the value of influencers in helping companies through crisis communications with his Samsung Galaxy Fold[...]
Influencer input would have saved Samsung Galaxy Fold screens
Including influencers within the Samsung Galaxy Fold product development process would have prevented broken-screen reviews. Like you, no doubt, this[...]
Instagram is testing hiding the like counter
Instagram is testing hiding the like counter from audiences. Will this kill off social proof or produce more meaningful engagement?[...]

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