Scott Guthrie publications list

Scott Guthrie has written chapters for five business books on the subject of progressive public relations and influencer marketing. Here is a running list of books that Scott Guthrie as contributed chapters for:

Guthrie S. (2021) Understanding Influencers. In: Harris P., Bitonti A., Fleisher C.S., Skorkjær Binderkrantz A. (eds) The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Interest Groups, Lobbying and Public Affairs. Palgrave Macmillan, Cham. Download here

Guthrie, S., 2020. Virtual Influencers: More Human Than Human. Ch. 15 in Influencer Marketing: Building Brand Communities and Engagement Ed. Yesiloglu, S., and Costello, J. Routledge: London.

Guthrie, S., (2018) The business of influence in S.Waddington (Ed.) Platinum: Celebrating the CIPR at 70 (pp.172-177). London, Blurb

Guthrie, S., (2016) Seizing Influencer Relations’ Opportunities in S.Hall (Ed.) #FuturePRoof Volume 2 (pp.183-191). London, Blurb

Guthrie, S., (2015) How Automation Changes PR Workflow in S.Hall (Ed.) #FuturePRoof (pp.116-122). London, Blurb

Guthrie, S., (2015) Using Circloscope To Build Relationships on Google+ in S.Waddington (Ed.) #PR Stack (pp. 48-51). London, Blurb

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