Episode 11 of the Influencer Marketing Lab podcast where I speak with Vik Khagram of BCW about how influencers are shaping popular culture.


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Show notes

Welcome to episode 11 of the Influencer Marketing Lab - a weekly podcast tracking the growth spurts and growing pains of influencer marketing.

This week I'm in conversation with Vik Khagram an Influencer Specialist at WPP-owned  Burson Cohn & Wolfe (BCW).

In our interview we cover:

For a full breakdown of discussion points turn to the episode's chapter markers.

  • BWC's broader view of influencers - those influential people including doctors, politicians and CEOs who sit alongside social-first Instagram famous to effect change
  • How influencer marketing toolkits can assist  joined-up thinking required to span global geographic regions
  • How the rate of change is both a challenge as well as an opportunity for the influencer marketing industry
  • The importance of looking at an influencer's negative press as part of the vetting process
  • The importance of human insight combined with first-party data to make better decisions
  • Influencers as storytellers not as human billboards
  • The  shift to working with influencers at the consideration phase of the sales funnel
  • How influencers are shaping popular culture
  • Why brands are thinking about not just who can I sell to but also who can I help and how
  • How to measure ROI
  • Working with the client to set clear campaign objectives and KPIs
  • How influencer marketing platforms have caused a Tinder-ization of the discipline
  • The rise of influencer unions
  • Importance of having a critical view when reading about the industry 

Vik Khagram biography

Vik Khagram is an Influencer Specialist with 7 years of experience in Social Media Strategy and Influencer Marketing.

He has deep experience in influencer strategy and activations, helping to create impactful campaigns using his unrivalled knowledge of wider cultures, platforms and influential scenes both online and offline.

At BCW, he has worked with a range of brands across the consumer, healthcare and corporate spaces, helping them with influencer marketing strategy and end to end toolkits to amplify campaigns, launches and events at local and global levels. Alongside his client work Vik has also supported in developing BCW’s influencer offering, TrufluenceSM , also helping to train colleagues on its capabilities across the global BCW network. 

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