Dr Alex George, Love Islander, doctor and mental health campaigner joins OnlyFans widening the subscription platform’s appeal. 


Dr Alex George A&E doctor, influencer and former Love Island contestant has joined OnlyFans.

OnlyFans is a social content sharing platform once dubbed "the paywall of porn" by the New York Times in 2019 due to its popularity in the adult entertainment industry. Today the subscription site is popular with models, musicians, actors, fitness coaches, and influencers. 

Why would the mental health ambassador join the subscription-based platform better known for its adult content?

  1. Access to a new audience growing at scale
  2. Tapping into a new revenue stream
  3. Forging deeper bonds with his community

Access to a new audience growing at scale

The OnlyFans website quotes 100,000,000+ users and is adding as many as 500,000 users a day, according to Tim Stokely, the Company’s founder and CEO. 

Tapping into a new revenue stream

Subscription services for content creators such as OnlyFans, Patreon, Wotch, Nubula, Floatplane and Boomday are springing up across the Internet. They are a reaction to, and protection against, the vagaries of social media platforms’ algorithms; a lack of control over AdSense rates; plus a safeguard to the changing whim of brands advertising partnership deals. 

The OnlyFans charging model is at least part of the attraction to creators. Whereas many subscription-based platforms take a 50%+ portion of subscription revenue OnlyFans takes just a 20% cut of creators’ subscription fees. The average monthly subscription charge to fans is $12.

Converting just 1% of his 1.9 million Instagram followers across to an OnlyFans account would give Dr Alex 19,000 super fans. If the Emergency Room doctor charged the average monthly subscription of $12 less OnlyFans’ 20% fee would mean an additional income of just over $182,000 a month - over $2m a year. OnlyFans would earn over half-a-million dollars a year from such a deal ($547,200). 

Forging deeper bonds with his community

Speaking recently with Bloomberg, OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokely said devotees of his site crave a “level of interaction and intimacy with the creator that they don’t typically get on Instagram or Twitter, where celebrities tend to share the most manicured version of themselves.”

Dr Alex announced joining the site with a piece-to-camera video. “I set this up to create a community where we can share the positivity messaging around mental health and well being and how to look after ourselves in what has been a really tough year. 

"There is so much we can do to look after ourselves. To look after the mental health and I want to share some advice and tips I have and also give you guys space to share the things and thoughts that you have too. Thanks so much for joining me on the page I hope you're gonna find some device tips useful, please do make sure you can share your thoughts as well. Thank you guys. Let's do it. “

Alex isn't the only former-Love Islander to jump onto OnlyFans. Others include Arabella Chi and Adam Collard, who both joined the site last year to offer fitness and nutrition advice to their fans.

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