I’ve now written 14 Short Thoughts over at Twelve of them this month – writes Scott Guthrie

Short thoughts are one-minute reads about change and creativity in management.

They aren’t shallow thoughts. They are quick thoughts. Ones to be continued. To be expanded upon later. To be polished elsewhere. They are work in progress. They’re designed to stimulate thought.

Here’s last week’s round up. Let me know what you think.

From knowledge miser to knowlege pump

“Knowledge is power” runs the cliché. But in the industrial age of command and control hierarchy this line meant: guard knowledge; hoard it. Be a knowledge miser.

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Making the familiar unfamiliar to see them again

Stuck in a rut?


Even worse, perhaps you are stuck in a rut but don’t yet realise it.

“Habitualization devours work, clothes, furniture, one’s wife, and the fear of war”. So said Victor Shklovsky in his 1917 essay ‘Art as Technique’.

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change is never done: five new change management skills

Technology, consumer behaviour and market demand are all shifting sands along the social age’s tide.

Firms have to be nimble to survive and prosper. This is a state-of-mind shift. An ethos. It means becoming a learning organisation. One which recognises change as the only constant.

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When faced with change we all split into one of three camps: yays, sways and no-way-joses

Recently Seth Godin, the father of permission marketing, wrote about people’s differences. In a post titled: When in doubt, draw a bell curve Godin mused:

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Giving ideas the run of the house

Giving new ideas the run of the house.

New ideas can be like anxious guests – worried about putting their hosts to too much effort. But ideas need to be welcomed. Given the run of the house. If not, they’ll quickly make their excuses and leave.

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