Australian MarTech startup, Q-83, launches Kitly Business to measure long-tail influencer marketing campaign performance.


Influencer marketers have long struggled with identifying the most suitable influencers to work with and then demonstrate the return on investment (ROI) resulting from that relationship. 

47% of marketers report difficulty measuring the effectiveness of an influencer marketing campaign. 37% of practitioners say it’s hard finding the right influencers to work with. These form two of the three greatest challenges businesses experience when running influencer marketing campaigns according to survey results from the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB UK).

Now Q-83, an Australian MarTech startup, says it’s solved both problems through new service: Kitly Business

Beta testing showed influencer marketing campaign engagement increased on occasion by over 100% in the 100 days after a campaign ended says the Sydney-based firm. 

Using Kitly Business, brands and agencies will be able to continually measure long-tail campaign performance and help optimise ROI. 

kitly business screenshot

Launched today in the UK Kitly Business is aimed at helping marketers manage multiple talent and campaign activations from one place. Marketers can assign individual deliverables that feed through to the talent’s app to keep on top of deadlines. Once the campaign is live marketers can then create single reports to track and monitor the success of a campaign with access to accurate performance-metrics in real-time – these reports can easily be shared with clients via the hub says Q-83. 

The product launch follows a strategic partnership with News UK, which also owns the full-service influencer marketing agency and talent agency, The FIFTH.

“Kitly Business will form an integral element to both the way we position our business and how we execute our campaigns for our brand clients, says Jess Markwood, Content & Strategy Director, The FIFTH. She continues:  “We will use the technology as part of our talent audience verification process to inform us of the strongest content strategy, posting times, campaign management and detailed real-time reporting.”


Kitly, an Influencer-facing app ,is also launched today to offer social media talent a hub to efficiently create, manage and share everything an agency needs.

Also launched in the UK today is Kitly: an influencer-facing version. Anthony Richardson, Managing Director, Q-83 explains the app offers social media talent a hub to “efficiently create, manage and share everything an agency or brand can, and usually does request before, during and after a campaign.”

The start-up is banking that both Kitly and Kitly Business will nudge influencer marketing towards professionalism as well as creating greater campaign efficiencies. The IAB survey shows influencer marketing is a growth category. Further,  73% of marketers, who responded to the questionnaire, agree that influencer marketing complements activity in other marketing channels. 

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