Etsy IPO forms show modern PR themes

Etsy IPO modern PR

Etsy, an online marketplace specialising in crafts and other artistic items, just filed to go public.

Nothing remarkable in that. But, what caught my eye in the documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission was remarkable in an age of profit maximisation, short-termism, and shareholder activism.

  • Etsy’s managers in the S-1 form submission for IPO make a commitment to long-term sustainability over short-term gain.
  • They place values at the centre of firm’s identity over, and above, the corporate-speak-crammed mission and vision statements.
  • And, the managers’ believe that authenticity isn’t a nice-to-have in business. It is fundamental to long-term success.

I’m trying something different with this post and uploaded it to LinkedIn only. You can read the article in full by clicking here.

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