Influencers form the American Influencer Council to drive advocacy and standardisation in the sector


A group of US-based influencers have come together to form a trade body. 

The American Influencer Council (AIC) aims to show that career influencers are leading a high-growth startup industry. The not-for-profit organisation is seeking to ensure its members are part of ongoing conversations with brands, social media platforms, software companies and legislatures.  

Over the coming months the AIC will look to drive influencer marketing excellence through advocacy, standardisation, education and trade events. The trade association is devoted to improving business dynamics within the influencer marketing industry.

american influencer council

Founded by  Qianna Smith Bruneteau and chaired by Chriselle Lim the AIC has a five-pronged approach to professionalise influencer marketing:

  1. Consumer Transparency: Lobby the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to cooperatively adhere, promote and improve the Endorsement Guidelines; (After its incorporation, the AIC made a public comment to FTC on the Guides);
  2. Standardization & Professional Ethics: Develop market-relevant operating standards to support innovation and ethical conduct. Enhance the co-branded content experience on social media platforms including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitch, GIPHY and Tumblr;
  3. Data Science & Influencer Economy: Foster digital economy research and analysis and examine the contributions of career influencers to the U.S. GDP;
  4. Learning & Development: Provide the intellectual capital to advance digital marketing education at the university level and offer mentoring support for the next generation of influencers;
  5. Public Goodwill: Create an innovation lab, industry relevant public service announcements, host events to promote the influencer trade.

 An invite-only, trade association, the AIC will take up to 15 new members in 2020. The body welcomes the collaboration of organisations and professional advisor members who share a vision of sustained growth for authentic digital content.

American Influencer Council founding members #AICcreators (Instagram Handles)

American Influencer Council leadership team (LinkedIn Handles)

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