AiMCO, the Australian Influencer Marketing Council, has launched industry awards to celebrate best practice.


AiMCO, the Australian Influencer Marketing Council, has launched AiMCO Awards 2021 to celebrate best practice.

The awards, the first of their kind in Australia, will recognise successful collaborations with brands and creators that win hearts and minds by engaging with audiences through uniquely crafted, authentic content that makes an impact.

Entries across 19 categories open today and run until September 3rd. Categories include best use of data, most effective campaign for ROI, and best large agency. Submissions are for work for the year ended June 30, 2021.

Judges will select winners for up to four awards categories. They will follow a process of ethical, non-biased judging. Blind judging will be used when appropriate so that the entrant details are not seen by the judges.

“The AiMCO Awards are designed to celebrate the rapidly growing rise of Influencer Marketing and the incredible work of agencies, brands, creators, influencer discovery platforms and the innovative technology and other businesses within the growing influencer marketing ecosystem” said Patrick Whitnall. AiMCO’s Deputy Chair. “By offering dedicated influencer marketing awards for our industry, we know there will be some very creative and interesting work on display.”

A cocktail event will take place in Sydney on Thursday November 18, 2021 to celebrate the awards and winners.

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AiMCO launched in September 2019 to provide a platform for companies working within influencer marketing to work more collaboratively and develop best practice standards. From a standing start the council now boasts over fifty corporate members with a growing influencer membership. AiMCO works with all layers of the Australian influencer marketing ecosystem to define applicable best practice and to resource all parties.

Code of practice

12 months ago AiMCO reinforced it’s position in the market through launching a code of practice to support brands, agencies and creators.

The document articulates the areas of responsibility and proposed requirements for the whole influencer marketing ecosystem. It aims to give guidance to any business engaging in influencer marketing:

  • Ensuring appropriate briefs and contracts
  • Importance of including content rights/IP within contracts
  • Transparency regarding influencer vetting practices
  • Brand safety considerations
  • Advertising disclosure requirements under Australian Consumer Law
  • Metrics and reporting transparency
AiMCO awards

AiMCO Awards Categories

  • Best Use of Data
  • Most Effective Campaign for ROI
  • Most Effective Collaboration or Partnership
  • Brand Awards by Social Platform:
  • Best Instagram Partnership
  • Best TikTok Partnership
  • Best YouTube Partnership
  • Best SnapChat Partnership
  • Best Twitch Partnership
  • Best Multi-Platform Partnership
  • Talent/Creator Awards:
  • Best Creator on Instagram
  • Best Creator on TikTok
  • Best Creator on Twitch
  • Best Creator on YouTube
  • Best Collab between Creators
  • Best Niche Creator
  • Industry Awards:
  • Best Large Agency/Business
  • Best Boutique Agency or Business
  • Best Influencer Marketing or Technology Platform
  • AiMCO Trailblazer of the Year

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