Episode 28 of the Influencer Marketing Lab podcast where I speak with Imogen Coles, influence programme director at Ogilvy.


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Show notes

Welcome to episode 28 of the Influencer Marketing Lab - a weekly podcast tracking the growth spurts and growing pains of influencer marketing.

This week I'm delighted to be in conversation with Imogen Coles, influence programme director at Ogilvy.

I had a lot of fun recording this episode and hope you enjoy it, too.

Imogen delivers some killer one liners. On creativity she says "low-fi isn't necessarily lazy." 

On reducing unconscious bias within the agency work: "diversity starts with diversity of thought."

And on determination to stand your ground "be more Jack Russell."

Podcast episode highlights

In this episode we discuss:

  • How long term partnerships with influencers typically drive cost efficiencies. This includes reducing billable hours which can then be reinvested into data management to form actionable insights
  • What planned reactivity is and how to enable it
  • What GCSE pupils could teach influencer marketers about test and learn campaigns
  • We also talk measurement and the importance of outcomes over outputs
  • How being a social media influencer helps with client work 

Imogen Coles biography

Imogen Coles is influence programme director at Ogilvy. Imogen has been a social specialist for 10 years and is a travel and lifestyle creator as such Imogen operates on both sides of the industry.

As Influence Programme Director at Ogilvy, Imogen currently leads the Bacardi portfolio for influence across western europe, as well as the TK Maxx and Homesense European hubs. Prior to Ogilvy, Imogen lead the Dove and TRESemme personal care accounts within Unilever’s internal content studio. 

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