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Death to BANJO influencer marketing (Bang Another iNfluencer Job Out)

Death to BANJO influencer marketing

BANJO influencer marketing is where those with a large social media following ‘Bang Another iNfluencer Job Out’ in return for quick money without any affinity for the brand that’s sponsoring the content. Their days are numbered as the discipline becomes more results focused.

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Influencer marketing disclosure: beyond declaring sponsored content

fake followers: influencer marketing backlash

Lack of effective influencer marketing disclosure erodes trust with an audience. It is time regulators move beyond ensuring brands and influencers mark sponsored content and also crack down on fake followers, fake engagement and manipulated images.

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Why recent influencer fails are good for influencer marketing

influencer fails good for influencer marketing logan paul

The recent spate of influencer fails by Logan Paul, Elle Darby and Terrie McEvoy are actually good news for influencer marketing as the discipline cleans house.

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Influencer trust at all-time low says report

influencers credibility at all time low

Trust in influencers has plummeted to an all-time low according to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer released today.

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Was Dublin hotel influencer incident a stunt?

elle darby dublin hotel influencer stunt

Was the Elle Darby / Dublin hotel incident an influencer stunt or another growing pain for the influencer marketing discipline?

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When influencers act like jerks: how brands can protect themselves

Influencer fails: avoiding another logan Paul-type drama

Logan Paul is the latest influencer to act like a jerk. He won't be the last. Here's how brands can limit their exposure to rogue influencers.

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The simple reason successful social influencers ignore the FTC

influencers ignore FTC

There's one simple reason many social influencers ignore influencer marketing disclosure regulations. And it's not that they're ignorant of the rules.

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Influencer marketing is gaming itself to death. Here’s how to stop it

Influencer marketing themes Instagram

Some influencers are gaming influencer marketing. But only because brands and creative agencies allow them to. Here's how to stop the practice.

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Katy Perry at 100m Twitter followers: what impact for influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing more than numbers

Katy Perry now has 102 million Twitter followers. Real influence lies in context and honest engagement. Influencer marketing goes beyond a creator's audience size.

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How influencers became publishers – an interview with indaHash

Increased professionalism, embracing disclosure and a possible future for traditional media - an interview with the Chief Growth Officer at indaHash, an influencer marketing platform

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How Corbyn used influencers in UK general election

How Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn used influencer marketing, brand advocacy and user generated content to reach, then mobilize, the youth vote at the UK’s general election.

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All PR practitioners should be VPs of Influence

vp influence

Of all of the creative industries PR practitioners are best placed to build long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships between brand, audience and influencer. These are the VPs of influence.

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Influencer marketing: Why engagement wins over reach

Influencer marketing Why engagement wins over reach

Effective influencer marketing campaigns are measured on an ability to pull an audience into action not just reach it. This is why influencer marketing engagement wins over reach.

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Treat selecting an influencer like recruiting an employee

selecting an influencer

You wouldn’t hire an employee on a whim without a recruitment, selection or induction process. When selecting an influencer to represent your entire brand why don't firms follow the same rigor? 

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How Influencer marketers can avoid a PewDiePie incident

By following best practice influencer marketers can limit the fallout or even avoid being involved in incidents when influencers go rogue – writes Scott Guthrie

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8 ways to professionalize your influencer marketing

professionalize influencer marketing

So many brands bluff their way through influencer marketing programmes. Here are eight ways to professionalize your approach.

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Why calling yourself an influencer is just plain wrong

Why calling yourself an influencer is plain wrong

Why calling yourself an influencer is just plain wrong. Calling yourself an influencer is like buying yourself a T-Shirt with the words: ‘World’s greatest lover’ printed on the front.

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PewDiePie hit 50m YouTube subscribers over night. Now a switch to Facebook?

PewDiePie YouTube’s ad friendly policy will suit bold brands and influencer marketing Scott Guthrie sabguthrie

PewDiePie hit 50m YouTube subscribers over night. Will the Swedish video creator make good on his word and delete his YouTube channel? What next asks Scott Guthrie

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How Forbes’ list of highest-paid YouTube stars 2016 shows influencers are dramatically underpaid

The top 12 YouTube creators earned a combined $70.5 million in the 12-months to June. They’ll be earning far more this time next year – writes Scott GuthrieRead more

YouTubers as antidote to post-truth world

Will the Casey Neistat new venture bring a bit of Buzzfeed and to CNN to help mend a broken and distrusted traditional media asks Scott Guthrie
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YouTube launches social media platform to stave off rival video platforms

YouTube launches Community to increase engagement between influencers and their subscribers as the fight for video advertising revenue heats up – writes Scott Guthrie
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The ‘reach myth’ of influencer marketing

The influencers you use might be ripping you off. But only if you fail to put them through the process of proper digital due diligence and don’t look beyond reach as a yardstick for influence – writes Scott Guthrie

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YouTube’s advertiser friendly policy will suit bold brands and influencer marketers

PewDiePie YouTube’s ad friendly policy will suit bold brands and influencer marketing Scott Guthrie sabguthrie

By enforcing its advertiser-friendly content guidelines the video-sharing platform may end up driving revenue away from ads towards influencer marketing – writes Scott Guthrie
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Internet influencers as new celebrity

Internet influencers are more relevant than traditional celebrities – writes Scott Guthrie

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