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Influencer sued for breach of contract

Sabbat Influencer sued by brand for breach of contract

Influencer sued for breach of contract: Luka Sabbat is being sued for failing to comply with an influencer agreement.  So, what makes a good influencer agreement?

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Influencer fraud? Legacy media has always gamed audience size

influencer fraud legacy media

Before we get too squeamish about the size of influencer fraud let's take a look at how legacy media has gamed its audience size.

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New report: influencer marketing knowledge gap widening

Influencer Marketing knowledge gap

Influencer marketing knowledge gap widening according to ‘2018 State of Influence 2.0’ - the annual Traackr and Altimeter survey.

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Like-Wise: New tool IDs true engagement to root out influencer fraud


Like-Wise, a new tool to combat influencer fraud has been launched by Social Chain. Is its influencer blacklist open to abuse? 

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Helping influencer marketers be clear when posts are ads

influencer marketers clear when posts are ads

UK regulators launch new guidance to help social influencers stick to the rules by making clear when their posts are ads.

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Expect more ads on Instagram as founders quit

Increased focus on advertising revenue risks killing the goose that laid the golden egg: influencer marketing.

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London Fashion Week influencer marketing: getting it right

London Fashion Week influencer marketing

London Fashion Week influencer marketing. How can fashion brands maximise their impact via influencer marketing?

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Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson scolded by advertising watchdog … again

made in chelsea louise thomposon asa again

Latest watchdog ruling against Instagram influencer Louise Thompson underscores importance for brands to deliver best practice throughout the entire influencer marketing workflow.

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How CGI influencers act as change catalysts

CGI influencer change catalysts

CGI influencers like Lil Miquela act as change catalysts bringing fresh pairs of eyes to jolt us out of our blind spot on social media

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Is effective disclosure killing influencer marketing?

disclosure killing influencer marketing

Falling engagement rates hint that disclosure is killing influencer marketing but figures mask best practice results pointing, instead, to poor influencer advertising.

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Listerine influencer marketing debacle: Who’s really at fault?

Listerine influencer marketing debacle

Listerine influencer marketing debacle: why the brand should be shouldering much of the blame.

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Covert tobacco influencer marketing targets young says report

tobacco influencer marketing

Tobacco influencer marketing: Tobacco companies are secretly promoting cigarettes via social media influencers according to a new report.

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Influencer disclosure crackdown as watchdog investigates

Influencer disclosure crackdown

New influencer disclosure crackdown as UK regulator investigates the extent to which influencers are clearly and accurately identifying any commercial relationship.

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Influencer fraud could be criminal offence

Influencer fraud is fraud

Many column inches have been given over recently to influencer fraud. Could buying social media followers actually be a criminal offence?

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Influencer post from Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson banned by ASA

Made in Chelsea Louise Thompson ASA

Influencer Marketing post from Made in Chelsea star Louise Thompson banned by ASA as not obviously identifiable as a marketing communication.

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How to vet influencers: an influencer marketing checklist

vet influencers influencer marketing

Vet influencers: Much of the effective influencer marketing process is front-loaded. Here is a checklist of 19 points to consider when choosing the most appropriate influencer for your programme.

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Influencer marketing backlash: 15 ways to reverse the trend

influencer marketing backlash

The influencer marketing backlash: there are calls for better guidelines, increased transparency, and an end to influencer fraud. Here are 15 ways the industry can reverse the trend.

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Influencer marketing image manipulation: Rimmel ad axed

influencer marketing image manipulation

Ireland's advertising watchdog makes first finding against influencer marketing image manipulation. In an age of smartphone photo filters and editors what does this landmark case mean for the whole industry?

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Give us influencer marketing not influencer advertising

influencer marketing not influencer advertising

Influencer marketing not influencer advertising. The terms are being conflated as the media throws shade on influencer marketing whilst also calling for increased use of skills core to the discipline.

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Luxury Hotels and influencers: best ways to work together

luxury hotels and influencers

Luxury hotels and influencers - finding the mutual value exchange to create a long-term business-growth partnership.

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Unilever’s commitment to fight fake influence decoded

Unilever fight fake influence

Unilever wants to clean up influencer marketing by making three commitments to remove bad practice from the discipline. Though laudable what do these commitments really mean?

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Product placement double standards affecting influencer marketing

product placement double standards

Product placement double standards: Product placement is handled differently between influencer marketing and broadcast media. Social media Influencers are being unfairly singled out.

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Key influencer marketing themes for best practice

Influencer marketing themes and best practice

As influencer marketing matures as a discipline what does best practice look like and what are the key influencer marketing themes to master for realising business and communications goals?

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Why CGI influencers are the perfect fit for fashion industry

CGI influencers fashion industry influencer marketing image manipulation

CGI influencers are the perfect mannequin. They can be placed within any context and dressed in any sponsoring-fashion house’s garment.

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