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How a trip to the Guggenheim transformed IKEA forever

new ideas and triggers

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA died this week. It wasn’t his $60 billion fortune that fascinated me nor a love of flat-pack furniture. It was his trip to New York’s Guggenheim museum. 

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6 ways this doodle made me more creatively productive

How reflecting on my daughter’s drawing opened up new ways of thinking about work – writes Scott Guthrie

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I’ve now written 19 Short Thoughts at Seventeen of them this month – writes Scott Guthrie

Short thoughts are one-minute reads about change and creativity in management.

They aren’t shallow thoughts. They are quick thoughts. Ones to be continued. To be expanded upon later. To be polished elsewhere. They are work in progress. They’re designed to stimulate thought.

Here’s last week’s round up. Let me know what you think.

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I’ve now written 14 Short Thoughts over at Twelve of them this month – writes Scott Guthrie

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Short Thoughts round up week ending 11 October 2015

I have started writing daily at via Tumblr. Here’s the round up of one-minute reads from last week – writes Scott Guthrie

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Short Thoughts round up: week ending 04 October 2015 roundup

The discipline of writing and holding up that writing for public scrutiny through sharing is potent. Here is the first round up of daily writing from short thoughts. One-minute reads covering communications, change and creativity in management – writes Scott Guthrie.

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Firms need to build change into their corporate DNA as understanding about organisational change shifts from it being project based to a perpetual cycle – writes Scott Guthrie

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Australia’s new PM embraces innovation

Australia acknowledges opportunities not only threats of digital disruption, creativity and innovation – writes Scott Guthrie

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Intelligent naivety: Benefits of not knowing how we do things around here

Too much store is placed on industry experience. Today’s world is complex and uncertain. All hail intelligent naivety – writes Scott Guthrie

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New book modernises PR workflow

#PRstack eBook modern PR tools and workflow

Today PR practitioners launch an ebook in a bid to help modernise the public relations workflow – writes Scott Guthrie

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How will your firm compete tomorrow?

boy alone. challenging mindsets

Mindsets act as short cuts to making sense of situations. But they can lead to blinkered thinking about what business you’re in – writes Scott Guthrie

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How the social age is redefining success in management

Many successful managers rise to fulfill responsible C-suite positions through their political prowess rather than through their abilities to lead satisfied, committed team members who habitually produce mountains of high calibre work. The social age will turn this on its head – writes Scott Guthrie.

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Giving new ideas the run of the house

short thought header

New ideas can be like anxious guests – worried about putting their hosts to too much effort. But ideas need to be welcomed. Given the run of the house. If not, they’ll quickly make their excuses and leave.

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What Pharrell warned me about creativity, innovation & change

As Pharrell Williams warns of copycat legislation ruining the creative industries following his $7.3m copyright case defeat Scott Guthrie asks what creativity and innovation mean in 2015.

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#PRstack first Twitter chat now on Storify as database adds 50 more products

#PRstack storify

The crowd sourced #PRstack initiative is an example of a shift in thinking from Industrial Age to Social Age. It’s gathering pace, too, with a further 50+ public relations tools added to the database and its first Twitter chat now on Storify – writes Scott Guthrie

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4 reasons why senior PR can’t opt out of social or digital media

A recent CIPR survey has identified a widening gap between the skill sets PR practitioners have and the skill sets that businesses increasingly need. Here are four imperatives for embracing social and digital media management – writes Scott Guthrie

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How to solve big problems asking one small question

critical thinking starts with asking why

Critical thinking is a bedrock skill of the modern communicator. The ability to provide plans and advice based on clear, reasoned judgments is a core requirement as organisations strive to cope with increasing complexity and uncertainty. Critical thinking starts with asking 'why'. Read on for practical advice on how to improve your critical thinking.

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