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Don’t shoot! I’m a customer not a target

Don't shoot. I'm a customer not a target

Customers should be treated as co-creators not targets. This means forming meaningful relationships – a bedrock skill of the public relations professional – writes Scott Guthrie

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5 reasons CEOs should be social leaders

CEO social leaders sllhouette

It’s not if but when should C-suite executives truly embrace the social age. Here are five reasons leaders should be social leaders.

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What Cecil the lion’s death reminds us about the social age

There’s no longer a meaningful distinction between our personal and professional lives. We should take care to protect our hard won reputation from poor decisions we make in our personal lives – writes Scott Guthrie

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Facebook’s Instant Articles explained via dairy farming

Facebook Instant Articles is a game changer for the social media goliath. But will it remain good news for news outlets and us, the news consumers?

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5 ways to enhance your creative thinking for business success

5 ways to enhance your creative thinking for business success

Economic growth is best understood as the rate in which firms solve problems. 20th century capitalism worked by efficiently allocating existing resources. 21st century capitalism works by efficiently creating new solutions to human problems – writes Scott Guthrie

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Using Circloscope to build relationships on Google+

Building mutually beneficial online relationships starts with identifying people with reach, resonance and relevance to you and your brand. Using Circloscope within Google+ cuts out the legwork in finding these people – writes Scott Guthrie

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The Art of Giving it Away

The art of giving it away

Altruism or self interest? 36 professional communicators from around the world tell Glasgow-based PR agency owner, David Sawyer, why they’re give-a-holics – writes Scott Guthrie

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New book modernises PR workflow

#PRstack eBook modern PR tools and workflow

Today PR practitioners launch an ebook in a bid to help modernise the public relations workflow – writes Scott Guthrie

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3 ways CEOs build digital presence

CEOs build social presence

CEOs build digital presence: For CEOs a digital, social presence will become a competency requirement to lead.  Here are three ways leaders can build that online presence.

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How the social age is redefining success in management

Many successful managers rise to fulfill responsible C-suite positions through their political prowess rather than through their abilities to lead satisfied, committed team members who habitually produce mountains of high calibre work. The social age will turn this on its head – writes Scott Guthrie.

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Giving new ideas the run of the house

short thought header

New ideas can be like anxious guests – worried about putting their hosts to too much effort. But ideas need to be welcomed. Given the run of the house. If not, they’ll quickly make their excuses and leave.

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Who will notice another national news agency closing?

south african press association closes

The rupture in the global media landscape claimed another high-profile scalp in Gigaom this month. But tomorrow a national news agency will close its doors. Who will mourn its passing asks Scott Guthrie?

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How PR builds success from OZ innovation


Australia is poor at converting innovation into commercial success. A fundamental reason is a mistrust in business. Here are four universal ways to embrace PR skills and earn trust in business in the Social Age – writes Scott Guthrie

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What Pharrell warned me about creativity, innovation & change

As Pharrell Williams warns of copycat legislation ruining the creative industries following his $7.3m copyright case defeat Scott Guthrie asks what creativity and innovation mean in 2015.

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Public relations: More barber than barrister?

Public relations more barber than barrister

Respondents to a recent PR industry body survey say being professional is important to public relations. But does being professional at your job make you part of a profession – asks Scott Guthrie

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Etsy IPO forms show modern PR themes

Etsy IPO modern PR

Etsy, an online marketplace specialising in crafts and other artistic items, just filed to go public.

Nothing remarkable in that. But, what caught my eye in the documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission was remarkable in an age of profit maximisation, short-termism, and shareholder activism.

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#PRstack first Twitter chat now on Storify as database adds 50 more products

#PRstack storify

The crowd sourced #PRstack initiative is an example of a shift in thinking from Industrial Age to Social Age. It’s gathering pace, too, with a further 50+ public relations tools added to the database and its first Twitter chat now on Storify – writes Scott Guthrie

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4 reasons why senior PR can’t opt out of social or digital media

A recent CIPR survey has identified a widening gap between the skill sets PR practitioners have and the skill sets that businesses increasingly need. Here are four imperatives for embracing social and digital media management – writes Scott Guthrie

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#PRstack: Mapping tools to public relations workflow in new open source project

#PRstack: making sense of the PR tool market

From a crowd-sourced spreadsheet in December to the launch of a free web app today and Twitter Chat later this week the #PRstack community is gaining momentum as it characterises the public relations third-party tool market mapping them against the public relations workflow – writes Scott Guthrie.

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PR isn’t dead – but it needs a fresh expression

Scott Guthrie | sabguthrie Book review of Trust Me, PR is Dead by Robert Philliips

‘Trust Me, PR is Dead’ by Robert Phillips: book review

Robert Phillips’ new book: Trust Me, PR is Dead examines many core themes of today’s complex, chaotic, and messy world. But it is as change agent that the book is at its most powerful – writes Scott Guthrie.

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A secret of creative communications plans

Successful modern communications plans are integrated communications plans. They require co-operation, collaboration and co-creation between the communication specialisms. We could learn a thing or two by unlearning. By remembering what we did as kids – writes Scott Guthrie

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How to solve big problems asking one small question

critical thinking starts with asking why

Critical thinking is a bedrock skill of the modern communicator. The ability to provide plans and advice based on clear, reasoned judgments is a core requirement as organisations strive to cope with increasing complexity and uncertainty. Critical thinking starts with asking 'why'. Read on for practical advice on how to improve your critical thinking.

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Employee engagement meets reputation management as Glassdoor hits $1billion valuation

Glassdoor melds two of the biggest concerns for organisations: (1) how to best use their employees to achieve corporate objectives (2) how to earn a better reputation from the outside world. As such the site further blurs the roles of internal communicator and PR practitioner – writes Scott Guthrie.

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Online community management: everything in moderation, including moderation

As the media landscape continues to splinter organisations no longer rely solely on column inches gained from media relations initiatives to influence their publics. Instead public relations practitioners are easing organisations away from third-party, earned media towards shaping communities which allow organisations to engage directly with their publics – writes Scott Guthrie.

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