How to work smarter: making sense of the PR tool market

Making sense of the PR tool market

The CIPR is making sense of the PR tool market by creating an industry-wide knowledge database. Can you help classify these tools against PR competences?

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How to write an influencer agreement [20 point checklist]

influencer agreement

How to write an influencer agreement. Because, whilst nobody goes into a relationship thinking it will turn sour, the professional will agree guardrails to keep the relationship on track.

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More kids want to be vloggers than pop stars. Will it pay the bills?

can kids make money from YouTube

When they grow up more primary school children in the UK want to be vloggers than doctors, singers/ musicians or artists. But can kids make money from YouTube as a vlogger?

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Influencer advertising strength lies in user generated content

influencer advertising bacardi

Self-serve marketplaces offer influencer advertising not influencer marketing. Their forte lies in their ability to jump-start user generated content.

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Influencer marketing best practice [podcast]

Influencer marketing best practice

Influencer marketing best practice. In this podcast we look at some of the themes of influencer marketing best practice.

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Kylie Jenner, Snapchat and a warning for Vine 2.0

Whether founded on fact or fuelled by media speculation Kylie Jenner`s Tweet about Snapchat is a timely reminder for Vine 2.0 as rumours gather pace of a 2018 (re)launch.

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Influencer marketing today [podcast]

Influencer marketing best practice

Influencer marketing today: in this podcast we look at the current state of influencer marketing and analyse its maturation over the past 24 months.

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How to spot fake followers on social media

How to spot fake followers

Knowing how to spot fake followers is an important skill set for anyone working online. Here are seven ways to spot fake followers and fake engagement.

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Influencer marketing disclosure: An interview with Hashtag Ad founder Rupa Shah

Rupa Shah portrait influencer marketing disclosure

Influencer marketing disclosure: an interview with Hashtag Ad founder, Rupa Shah, on keeping brands, marketers and influencers on the right side of regulation.

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Lil Miquela: Instagram’s first avatar influencer

influencer marketing trends 2020 Lil Miquela: Instagram’s first avatar influencer

Lil Miquela is a young Instagram Influencer. She models, has released a top 10 Spotify single and produced her own clothing range. She's also computer generated. What are the implications of avatars in influencer marketing?

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Death to BANJO influencer marketing (Bang Another iNfluencer Job Out)

Death to BANJO influencer marketing

BANJO influencer marketing is where those with a large social media following ‘Bang Another iNfluencer Job Out’ in return for quick money without any affinity for the brand that’s sponsoring the content. Their days are numbered as the discipline becomes more results focused.

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How a trip to the Guggenheim transformed IKEA forever

new ideas and triggers

Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA died this week. It wasn’t his $60 billion fortune that fascinated me nor a love of flat-pack furniture. It was his trip to New York’s Guggenheim museum. 

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Influencer marketing disclosure: beyond declaring sponsored content

fake followers: influencer marketing backlash

Lack of effective influencer marketing disclosure erodes trust with an audience. It is time regulators move beyond ensuring brands and influencers mark sponsored content and also crack down on fake followers, fake engagement and manipulated images.

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Why recent influencer fails are good for influencer marketing

influencer fails good for influencer marketing logan paul

The recent spate of influencer fails by Logan Paul, Elle Darby and Terrie McEvoy are actually good news for influencer marketing as the discipline cleans house.

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Influencer trust at all-time low says report

influencers credibility at all time low

Trust in influencers has plummeted to an all-time low according to the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer released today.

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Was Dublin hotel influencer incident a stunt?

elle darby dublin hotel influencer stunt

Was the Elle Darby / Dublin hotel incident an influencer stunt or another growing pain for the influencer marketing discipline?

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When influencers act like jerks: how brands can protect themselves

Influencer fails: avoiding another logan Paul-type drama

Logan Paul is the latest influencer to act like a jerk. He won't be the last. Here's how brands can limit their exposure to rogue influencers.

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14 tips for writing more effective emails

how to write effective emails

Helping communicators get more done by following these 14 tips to writing effective emails.

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Why successful firms build change into their DNA via creative teams

How to build creative teams pencils sabguthrie

Change is continual; a constant. Successful firms know they must build change into their DNA; embedded as an organisational competence through creative teams.

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Net neutrality UK: a communicator’s overview

Net neutrality UK a communicators overview sabguthrie

The US just scrapped net neutrality regulations - the rules protecting an open Internet. Could the UK be next? And what impact for communicators? What even is net neutrality? Here's a primer.

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Time to reclassify social media platforms as publishers

Time to reclassify social media platforms as publishers

The time has come to reclassify social media platforms as publishers. They must drop the pretence that they are simply platforms and channels for publishers rather than media companies themselves.

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The simple reason successful social influencers ignore the FTC

influencers ignore FTC

There's one simple reason many social influencers ignore influencer marketing disclosure regulations. And it's not that they're ignorant of the rules.

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Tech giants: why with great power should come responsibility in content

Facebook: Tech giants should show profit and responsibility in content

Why tech giants should shoulder more responsibility for the content they profit from. And regulators should consider reclassifying them from platform to publisher.

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Influencer marketing is gaming itself to death. Here’s how to stop it

Influencer marketing themes Instagram

Some influencers are gaming influencer marketing. But only because brands and creative agencies allow them to. Here's how to stop the practice.

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