Instagram creator accounts: what’s their real purpose? [updated]

Instagram creator accounts

Instagram creator accounts are being trialled by the influencer marketing powerhouse platform. But are they designed to enhance community or to bring more cash to the plateauing Facebook group?

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Tapping the influence of online gamers

Tapping the influence of online gamers

Online gamers can provide brands with access to hard-to-reach audiences who no longer watch linear television and who actively use software to block online advertising. But how can you tap into this influence?

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The REAL reason I’m thrilled to run a top 10 PR blog

top 10 pr blog

I’m thrilled to run a top 10 PR blog. Why? Because I write about influencer marketing. PR should shape influencer marketing but it can’t do it alone.

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Why TV needs YouTubers more than the other way around

influencer marketing alternative youtube

TV needs YouTubers ... but why would a YouTuber seek success on this ageing platform?

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The influencer fraud vigilantes

Influencer fraud vigilantes 1

Influencer fraud vigilantes: 28 top Instagram influencers have been called out over #instafraud but is vigilantism the best approach to clean up the industry?

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FYRE festival film’s own transparency issue

Fyre festival film transparency

Influencers were rightly condemned for failing to disclose their relationships with Fyre festival. Shouldn't the Netflix documentary interviewees be more open about their producer roles in the film?

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Yes … another FYRE Festival article… but wait

FYRE festival documentary

FYRE festival documentary: Forget the influencers, the film throws up questions about hubris, corporate culture and the very concept of reality itself as the conflict between private and public realities is exposed in our digital world.

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Burger King, Kevin Hart and the offence archaeologists

Burger King offence archaeologists

Was Burger King making a wider societal comment by unearthing Casey Neistat’s near decade-old Tweets to promote fries?

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What are your kids watching on YouTube?

kids watching youtube

Half of children in the UK prefer to watch YouTube than television. Kids enjoy vloggers as a source of content, creativity, inspiration and aspiration. This gives creators a moral obligation not to exploit their impressionable audiences.

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Burger King’s influencer stunt tricks Casey Neistat

Burger KIng influencer Casey Neistat 1

Burger King's influencer stunt tricking Casey Neistat shows us that influencer marketing doesn’t have to be paid for … but at what cost?

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CMA rewards influencers’ brand affinity

CMA rewards influencers’ brand affinity

The Competition and Markets authority is rewarding social media influencers who demonstrate true brand affinity in their content.

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16 top influencers sign watchdog pledge for clarity on ads

16 influencers sign pledge with CMA to improve the way they label their social media advertisements.

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Top YouTubers target kids with online gaming site promo

YouTubers target kids with online gaming MysteryBrand

Top YouTubers with core audiences of 8-16 years old are running paid-for content for MysteryBrand - an online gambling site.

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Tone-deaf keyword squatting by Instagram influencers

instagram influencers tone deaf keyword squatting

Avoid keyword squatting Instagram influencers. There is no point bringing your authentic 'whole-self' to work if your whole self is an a**hole.

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The dangers of blacklisting influencers

blacklisting influencers

Blacklisting influencers provides a binary outcome to a highly nuanced issue. It would create unfair winners and losers.

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Crowdsourced PR book celebrates CIPR at 70

Platinum book CIPR

Platinum is a new book from the CIPR showcasing excellence in public relations and celebrating the institute’s first 70 years.

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Beat influencer fraud with better measurement

influencer marketing themes 2020 measurement

Influencer fraud is good for the industry. It pushes the discipline forward away from measuring vanity metrics toward measuring impact.

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Influencer outreach budgets drop 12% says PRCA report

influencer outreach budgets drop

Influencer outreach budgets drop 12% according to a new report. Communicators need to get better at measuring and evaluating influencer marketing programmes.

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Influencer sued for breach of contract

Sabbat Influencer sued by brand for breach of contract

Influencer sued for breach of contract: Luka Sabbat is being sued for failing to comply with an influencer agreement.  So, what makes a good influencer agreement?

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RESET: How to Restart Your Life and Get F.U. Money – a book review

RESET book David Sawyer

25% of us hates our job - the remainder is not fully engaged. A new book aims to redress the balance and help us become financially independent.

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Influencer fraud? Legacy media has always gamed audience size

influencer fraud legacy media

Before we get too squeamish about the size of influencer fraud let's take a look at how legacy media has gamed its audience size.

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New report: influencer marketing knowledge gap widening

Influencer Marketing knowledge gap

Influencer marketing knowledge gap widening according to ‘2018 State of Influence 2.0’ - the annual Traackr and Altimeter survey.

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Like-Wise: New tool IDs true engagement to root out influencer fraud


Like-Wise, a new tool to combat influencer fraud has been launched by Social Chain. Is its influencer blacklist open to abuse? 

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Helping influencer marketers be clear when posts are ads

influencer marketers clear when posts are ads

UK regulators launch new guidance to help social influencers stick to the rules by making clear when their posts are ads.

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