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Instagram Influencer Lil Miquela has been hacked. And it’s serious

lil miquela hacked

Virtual Instagram celebrity with a million followers Lil Miquela has been hacked. Forget about fake news. This is real news played out by fake influencers. And there’s a serious point, too (I promise).

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Lil Miquela: Instagram’s first avatar influencer

influencer marketing trends 2020 Lil Miquela: Instagram’s first avatar influencer

Lil Miquela is a young Instagram Influencer. She models, has released a top 10 Spotify single and produced her own clothing range. She's also computer generated. What are the implications of avatars in influencer marketing?

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Influencer marketing trends 2020

influencer marketing trends 2020

Influencer marketing trends 2020 including data and insight; the Instagram, TikTok wars; the march of the regulators and bandwagoning. 

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Influencer marketing: year in review 2019

influencer marketing year in review 2019

Influencer marketing year in review 2019: from Fyre Festival to Instagram outages and like-hiding to the rapid growth and professionalisation of our industry.

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Image manipulation clouds influencer marketing

image manipulation clouds influencer marketing

Judge image manipulation within influencer marketing by its intent to deceive not on cloud formations.

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How CGI influencers act as change catalysts

CGI influencer change catalysts

CGI influencers like Lil Miquela act as change catalysts bringing fresh pairs of eyes to jolt us out of our blind spot on social media

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Influencer marketing image manipulation: Rimmel ad axed

influencer marketing image manipulation

Ireland's advertising watchdog makes first finding against influencer marketing image manipulation. In an age of smartphone photo filters and editors what does this landmark case mean for the whole industry?

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Key influencer marketing themes for best practice

Influencer marketing themes and best practice

As influencer marketing matures as a discipline what does best practice look like and what are the key influencer marketing themes to master for realising business and communications goals?

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Why CGI influencers are the perfect fit for fashion industry

CGI influencers fashion industry influencer marketing image manipulation

CGI influencers are the perfect mannequin. They can be placed within any context and dressed in any sponsoring-fashion house’s garment.

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