PR Redefined: a conversation on where content marketing belongs

I recently moderated a conversation for PR Redefined on whether or not public relations should ‘own’ content marketing.

A lively debate, it attracted much insightful comment from public relations practitioners over the course of the month it ran. I have curated some of the comments by theme and posted them to Storify. You can read it here.


PR Redefined is a is a not-for-profit, independent initiative with ambitions to stimulate and lead new thinking in the theory and practice of public relations.

Starting life as a book the global movement believes that public relations has many opportunities in which to grow and prosper both as a body of thought defining a profession as well as an industry to better the world. But, ultimately PR needs to have a clear sense of why it is here and where it should be going. You can read more about the initiative’s background here including a list of the chapter authors.

  • The book is a call to action inviting contributions to a debate to redefine public relations and create new frameworks for thinking. You can view it at Amazon here.
  • PR Redefined also has a Google+ community page. You can sign up for it here.

I have written more fully about public relations, content marketing and brand journalism and how they fit together here.


I'd love to hear what you think. Please leave a comment.

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