UK media outlets rapidly build OZ online audience

UK media outlets continue to grow Australian audience share according to latest survey.

Mail Online, the Guardian and the BBC take sixth, nineth and tenth spots respectively in March’s Nielsen Online Ratings survey which ranks top Australian sites by unique audience for news as reported today by Mumbrella and the Australian.

This is a stella performance – Mail Online is yet to officially launch a full Australian-orientated homepage and only announced its intention to enter the Australian market last November. The Guardian launched in Sydney last May.

Mail Online, the digital offshoot of the UK’s Daily Mail tabloid attracts audiences of 189.5 million unique monthly visitors  from across the globe according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations monthly digital traffic report for January 2014. This makes it the world’s most popular newsite by unique browsers.

The BBC announced yesterday it had reached a record 96 million unique users worldwide and generated an all-time high of 1.3 billion page views in March 2014.

The Guardian quotes 48.5 million unique monthly visitors 580 million monthly page views.

The audience figures show expanding the news perspective beyond the two-horse race of Fairfax and News Corp is welcomed by Australians. And one clue to the UK’s media reach success is competition. Fleet Street – the spiritual if not contemporary home to the UK’s national newspapers – is rife with competition. News outlets are trained to be popular.


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