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Middle Managers’ Four Fs in change resistance

Middle managers adopt one of four personas when faced with change. I call these the Four Fs of: Friend, Foe, Faux Amigo and Fickle-ist. Turn managers into change Friends by pre-empting resistance and engaging with them early on in the change process – writes Scott Guthrie

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Resistance to change is the expected not the exception

Anticipate. Plan for. Reduce impact. The importance of a prepared resistance management plan in change management

Don’t resent change resisters; the natural reaction to change is resistance. Change is personal. Everyone has their own threshold for how much they can take on board. Uncertainty of success and fear of the unknown are substantial barriers to change – writes Scott Guthrie

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The Yays, No-Way-Josés and the Sways in change

When faced with change all of us split into one of three camps. I call these the Yays, the No-Way-Josés and the Sways.

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Managers’ four Cs helping a team through change

Middle Managers have to wear many different metaphorical work hats. Here the Four Cs of Communicator, Contact, Champion and Coach are explored.

The days of a command and control management have largely been surpassed by the more enlightened managerial approach of inclusiveness and employee engagement. Now one key talent for managers is the ability to positively influence his direct reports.

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